27-Jul: Drydock Update | Customer Notification

27-Jul: Drydock Update | Customer Notification
CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION (July 27, 2022) – As you know the National Glory entered the drydock in Tampa as per our schedule on July 4th. Since this is a special 5-year survey the vessel is thoroughly examined by the regulatory bodies, USCG/ABS. Good progress has been made in overhauling the major machinery on the vessel. Additionally, we added a Ballast Water Treatment System to comply with the IMO regulation.
The hull has been blasted and we are readying to paint. We invested in a new paint from Jotun of Norway that will reduce ‘drag’ on the vessel facilitating fuel and emissions savings. Our new hatch covers are arriving next week and will be outfitted in Houston.
The important part of any drydocking is the expensive proposition of replacing steel. There are two areas of the vessel that require steel replacement. The largest being the steel in the ship’s galley and a sanitation tank. They are both above the waterline.
This unexpected addition of work will delay our sailing of voyage 235 from Houston to August 17th – a 2-week delay. See below updated sailing schedule which is also available on our website.
We apologize for the delay. The added time and cost in complying with USCG regulations is borne by all of us.
Special recognition is due the shipyard, the National Glory crew, and Crowley Ship Management team working 24/7 around the clock in hot, humid temperatures while the virus continues to take its toll on personnel.
NSA’s investment in the National Glory demonstrates our commitment to the trade. We are proud to be in our ninth year and we look forward to providing service to Puerto Rico for many years ahead.

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