Fog Delays and Recovery

Fog Delays and Recovery

As you may or may not be aware, last week in the Port of Houston we sustained a four day delay due to fog conditions that stopped all traffic in transiting the Port of Houston. Typically, the fog season experienced in Houston is between November and April with the higher occurrences being in February/March.

National Shipping is capable and committed to getting back on base schedule over the next 3 voyages. We have a 1.5 day buffer in our regular 14 day round trip. As a result, here are the projected dates of arrival and departure for our next three voyages that will allow us to recover the nearly 6 days lost between fog and terminal berthing congestion:

Voyage 48 northbound sailed 3/30 San Juan with eta Houston 4/4

Voyage 49 southbound sails 4/5 Houston with eta San Juan 4/11

Voyage 49 northbound sails 4/12 San Juan with eta Houston 4/18

Voyage 50 southbound returns to base schedule departing Houston 4/16

Feel free to contact the undersigned with any questions.

Thank you for your continuous support.


Torey Presti


National Shipping of America

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