Payment Processing

Payment Options for Efficient Cargo Handling

At National Shipping of America, we understand the importance of a seamless payment process in ensuring the swift handling of your cargo. To make your experience more convenient, we offer three flexible payment options:

ACH Bank Transfers:

For clients preferring electronic transactions, ACH Bank transfers provide a reliable alternative, typically taking around 24 hours for clearance. This secure method is suitable for those seeking a more traditional banking transaction without the immediacy of credit card payments.

Pay Cargo – Instant Credit Card Payment:

Our preferred and fastest method, Pay Cargo, allows for instant payment acknowledgment within minutes through credit card transactions. This streamlined process ensures efficient cargo release, simplifying your shipping experience.

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Check Payments:

While we do accept checks, it’s important to note that there will be potential delays in cargo release. Checks can take varying durations, taking approximately one day, to an extended period of up to three months using traditional mail methods. To ensure smooth cargo release, stringent documentation is required for check payments, including a copy of the check, remittance details, and a tracking number.