SOLAS Requirements – Puerto Rico

SOLAS Requirements – Puerto Rico

As of this date, it is our opinion that a ship strictly engaged in the Jones Act trade is not impacted by SOLAS because SOLAS applies only to ships engaged in international trade. This means that a Jones Act ship that also engages in international trade is required to comply with SOLAS.

Therefore, since the MV National Glory only calls domestic ports (Houston and San Juan) and does not call on any international ports during the voyage that SOLAS does not apply and the shipper is not required to submit a VGM. The SOLAS Convention is an international treaty that governs safe operation of all ships that are engaged in international trades. National Shipping is not engaged in international trades.

Please keep in mind, that if the rule/law changes or our interpretation of the rule is incorrect, we will advise you immediately. But, for the time being there will be no change in practices if you decide to ship with us domestically to Puerto Rico.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Torey Presti, President
National Shipping Agencies, Inc.

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